Saturday , May 26 2018


LingerCoin, The Casino Industry Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are becoming popular in different kind of areas all around the world; they are also representing a very important advance in the global economy especially when talking about digital business. The casino industry is not staying behind and has just joined the group of sectors with their own cryptocurrency, …

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Cryptocurrencies are another failed monetary experiment, says Nobel Prize winner Robert Shiller

Robert J. Shiller, an American economist and Nobel laureate in the field of economic sciences, claims that cryptocurrencies will probably be another failed monetary experiment on a global scale. As he said, cryptocurrencies reflect the most-known unsuccessful currency experiments in history. Robert Shiller is first and foremost known for warning …

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BidiPass Announced A New ICO Date

Even though there was an earlier date to the ICO date of BidiPass, the blockchain platform has announced a new date since more time is required in order to satisfy all users and meet the expectations of both parties. BidiPass is a digital identity authentication platform impulse by smart contracts …

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